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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Osama Bin Laden


So for my first post I thought I'd introduce you to one of my own theories, as some of you might of guessed it's about Osama Bin Laden and of course the argument of whether he is dead or alive. There are many many conspiracy theories relating to Osama, some people claiming he was never caught by the US and is still living in a cave in god knows where. While others claim he was killed in December 2001 or died of kidney failure some time in the past decade.

The only thing we really know for sure is there are parts of the story given to us by the mass media and government which are really quite odd. We have the fact that they still haven't released a real photo of him dead and there is no body since he was supposedly buried at sea. It has been reported that he was unarmed when he was shot in the head which is certainly strange and even stranger still is that his daughter claims he was executed after he was arrested.

Lots of conflicting stories and strange goings on, a perfect breeding pool for a conspiracy theory.

So here's mine: Osama is still alive.

Yes that's right I believe Osama is still alive and kicking for one very simple reason, I do not and will not believe that US went through that amount of effort and planning to just take home a corpse. They put their relationship with Pakistan on the line, used state of the art stealth helicopters and no doubt spent months planning the operation. Add that to the fact there is no body or even picture it would seem to me that US in fact captured Osama and he was taken to a secret holding facility where he was interrogated. 

What a perfect situation to be in the world thinks that a terrorist leader is dead when really he is alive and in your custody. You can do whatever you like to him as nobody will be around to check on his health and well-being, no poking around from human rights groups. He would have no rights what so ever and nobody would know. Think how valuable the information a man like that could give would be. 

It sounds like to good of deal to pass up to me. I just can not believe that soldiers would of shot him in the head just because he did not surrender, he was apparently unarmed so could not have posed too much of threat, even if had been armed I doubt a lethal shot would of been the order, nor do I believe that US government honestly thinks that if they were to display the photo of him dead that it would cause a massive backlash as any backlash that would happen because of the photo would happen anyway.

So there you have it, Osama is still alive and kicking, Perhaps Alive and strapped to chair but either away alive.


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